Anyone dare me to write a novel in a month…by hand…while hiking for 60 days straight??

tent writingThis is a rather random post, since I haven’t posted much lately.  I wanted to update you on my plans…some of them sensible, and some completely the opposite!

I’ve been focusing on writing a prequel and sequel to The Natural Order, plus a nonfiction book that’s due to come out before the end of October (you can sign up here if you want to know when it’s available for free!)  I’ve also been trying to get more reviews for The Natural Order, and to build a subscriber list.  My first-ever newsletter went out earlier this week; it’s a very important aspect of book-marketing that I never quite knew how to adapt to a fiction novel until recently.

A rather long walk 

Anyway, here’s the somewhat less te araroa mapsensible news: my fiance and I are planning to hike half of the Te Araroa (the hike running the length of New Zealand) from October 20th through until Christmas.  It’s been a very exciting, hectic process getting the essentials together in preparation for the hike–you never realize how little decent backpacking equipment you have until you start planning for a 60-day hike!–and in the middle of all the scrambling preparations, I’m trying to get more marketing and writing done than I usually would do in 6 usual months.

Impossible aims…

Here are all of the goals I’ve been trying to meet before our October 20th departure, now less than three weeks away:

  1. Edit and publish my nonfiction book
  2. Market said nonfiction book
  3. Finish writing 15,000-word prequel to The Natural Order
  4. Edit and publish prequel (as a permanently free teaser on Amazon)
  5. Try (and surely fail) to finish Rogue Magic, the second book in the Natural Order series
  6. Write enough newsletters that I can automate sending one every two weeks for the entire time we’re away

And novel-writing on the go!  

Oh, and you know what?  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in November.  While we’re hiking.

I’ve done (and won) NaNoWriMo every year for the past 7 years, so it’s actually very hard to contemplate not doing it.  Even though we’ll be hiking eight hours a day.  And camping.  And I’ll have to write by hand.  Hmm…

I may have gone a bit too far with this one.

It doesn’t sound possible, but I can’t not try.  I don’t have an idea yet, but hiking always sparks a lot of creative thoughts, so I’ll come up with something.  And I’ll try.

Here’s to mad, impossible goals!


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